Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The Sunday school teacher asked a little boy: "How old are you?" The little chap said, "Seven. And how old are you?" She replied,"I'm 70." Amazed the
little darling said, "Whoa, you're almost dead!" (from Eduardo Bracier, Spain)

My young daughter had received a pretend doctor's bag as a birthday gift. Wearing her plastic stethoscope around her neck one day she said, "Daddy, let's play doctor. I'll be the doctor; You be the one who waits." (from Don Kerns)

Little David noticed a dead fly on the window sill. Calling over his mommy he asked her, "What's wrong with the fly? Is it broken?" She said, "No, dear, the fly is dead." Without hesitation David replied, "Oh. It needs new batteries." (from Heath Glandon)

As a tyke, my grandpa was carrying me through the doors of the church sanctuary and my sweet "little" voice was heard by all telling them, "And now I have to keep my big mouth shut!" (from Kathy Noren)

My two young daughters were playing one day when I heard the older one tell the younger one, "When we get to heaven we get a new body." After a short pause, "and a new head too." (from Norman)


A good pun is its own reword.


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