Thursday, November 1, 2012

Books Funny I

Announcing these new books ~ Part 1

~ "How to Write Big Books" by Warren Peace

~ "The Lion Attacked" by Claude Yarmoff

~ "The Art of Archery" by Beau N. Arrow

~ "Songs for Children" by Barbara Blacksheep

~ "Irish Heart Surgery" by Angie O'Plasty

~ "Desert Crossing" by I. Rhoda Camel

~ "School Truancy" by Marcus Absent

~ "I Was a Cloakroom Attendant" by Mahatma Coate

~ "I Lost My Balance" by Eileen Dover and Phil Down

~ "Mystery in the Barnyard" by Hu Flung Dung

~ "Positive Reinforcement" by Wade Ago

~ "Shhh!" by Danielle Soloud

~ "The Philippine Post Office" by Imelda Letter

~ "Things to Do at a Party" by Bob Frapples

~ "Stop Arguing" by Xavier Breath


There are three kinds of memory: good, bad, and convenient.


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