Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Remembering the 1973 Bullitt Central state tournament basketball team

From the History of Mount Washington, Kentucky Facebook page...

Wow, it's been over 40 years since the 1973 Bullitt Central basketball team made it to the Sweet 16 tournament. 

They played Lexington Henry Clay and lost in the first round but would have had to play eventual champion Shawnee the next round. Shawnee beat a loaded Male team that year that had the likes of Wesley Cox and Stanley Bunton. 

The Bullitt Central team had four Mt. Washington residents on the roster. Jerry Troutman, Jimmy Troutman, Cleon Darland, and, Saint Francis Xavier parishioner, Keith Buky. 

Listing the players first then the cheerleaders. 1st row L to R: Asst. coach Mark Pitchford--Mgr. Brad Britt--Craig Bradbury--Bobby Farmer--Keith Buky--Cleon Darland--Steve Larimore--Harold Masden--Jerry Troutman--Mgr. David Smith--Coach Norman Weaver.

Back row L to R: Asst. Principal Marvin Stewart--Bobby Bristow--Larry Hatfield--Bobby Brightwell--Ron Eiler--Freddie Branson--Jimmy Troutman--Ken Eagle--Rodney Jones--Principal George Valentine.

And let's not forget those wonderful ladies who cheered their hearts out for them. Those from Mt. Washington have an asterisk by their name. L to R: Virginia Taylor--*Dianne Burress--Barb Kennedy--*Carla Owen--Lou Crume--Sandy Coakley--*Nancy Britt