Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It is time to celebrate!!!

Greetings Everyone,

It is time to celebrate!!! (At least in a grateful, humble, and Lenten sort of way.)

The Stewardship and Development Office is pleased to announce this year’s Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic Services Appeal has topped its goal of $3,100,000. With gifts still coming in, we are currentlyat $3,157,524. This is truly great news.

Congrats to Matthew Schuhmann, our Coordinator for Annual Giving. Although we have come very close to goal in recent years, we have topped  our goal this year.

We are certainly grateful to our pastors, parish appeal teams, and donors for their support. However, we also want to be sure and  thank you, our colleagues in the archdiocesan agency offices, for your help in promoting and supporting the annual Appeal. As you know so well, the Appeal is more than simply raising money – it is about being able to provide ministries and services that care for the spiritual and human needs of those living throughout our Archdiocese.

Thanks to all!!!   

Nick Eve