Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Sullivans featured on Facebook history page

Adapted from a story about parishioners Frank and Elizabeth (Beth) Sullivan on the History of Mount Washington Facebook page.

The person featured in todays post certainly needs no introduction to many Mt. Washingtonians. He is the Dictator of Doughnut, Commissiour of Cookie, and Chancellor of Cheesecake, "Baker Extraordinaire Frank Sullivan!!! Ok, that was a little cheesy but... Frank's journey to Mt. Washington was quite a journey indeed. And without a few turns of events, one quite painful I'm sure, and doors opening at the right time, Frank may have gone a totally different route. Here's his story.

Frank's family lived on Bank Street in west end of Louisville and lost his father to a heart attack when he was a young kid. That certainly put a lot of pressure financially on his mom so Frank asked for a job at Schweiss' Bakery close by and got a job doing menial work before and after school. He was 11 years old at the time and attended Flaget High School near Shawnee Park .

After working there a couple of years he began to become interested in baking, stealing, ummmm, rather memorizing the baker's recipes. He was allowed to make doughnuts and other items that were easier to make. But by the age of 17 Frank was doing so well he was promoted over some of the other senior bakers.

Frank had left Flaget to attend Ahrens Trade High School during his high school years to learn a trade for his future. And it wasn't baking!!! He took cabinet making classes instead. Oh dear! But by the grace of God a door opened for Frank at just the right time.

Frank got married to his wife Beth and they had just had their first child Robin in 1958 when he heard that a lady in Mt. Washington, Erma Hallinan, was having difficulty after just a few months with a new bakery she had started and wanted to find someone to take sell it to. Frank saw a great opportunity there.

With all the traffic going through town to GE, Ford, and International Harvester, there was certainly enough business to get the business going. So he bought it and moved into the little home behind the bakery.

In the photo is Frank, Beth, and baby Robin on the Grand Opening Day of the Bakery in Feb. of 1959. Certainly was a grand day for all of Mt. Washington for years to come.

Frank was Mayor of Mount Washington from 2002 thru 2006. A great accomplishment. But Franks finest hour (???!!!) was when he went out to California to see his daughter who was in the military and decided they would get tickets for "The Price is Right".

And guess what!!! Frank was chosen and won the right to play by bidding the closest. What ensued is beyond belief. Frank got up on stage, laid down on his side, and started kicking trying to turn in a circle which he failed miserably!

Bob Barker, being in total shock asked "what are you trying to do"? And Frank exclaimed "I'm break dancing" :) More like trying to break something while dancing I thought. Chance I may be able to post the video some day if I can coax it from them.

Frank gave a "Key to Mt. Washington" to Bob and I'm certainly that's one of his more revered gifts. I'm tired now. I need a doughnut! Oh, it was convenient that a dentist was right a cross the street from the bakery! Oh also, their children were Robin, Frank Jr, Veronica, and Kelly.

The end!

Also from the Facebook page, our original church at the corner of what is now Snapp and East Streets. This church was built in around 1848 on land donated by J.C. and Ellen Dent. Parishioners worshipped there until the new church, which is now our old church, was built at our present location in 1965.

Parishioner, Norma Settles Mattingly, commented on the old church in the above. "I remember sitting in the back of the church. It was hot in the summer with bees swarming and really cold in the winter. Thankful when they built the first "new" one in 1965. My dad (Bud Settles) took pictures of each stage of the building process. He and several other men of the church refinished donated pews to place in the new one."